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Reves panel flexion tool

Predicting and optimizing panel flexion and fiber stresses by exploring the design space in Reves DSE.

Jakko Nieuwenkamp
Professional Expert
Reves panel flexion tool

A panel tailored for every need

The panels produced by Trespa are used for various applications. When used as a table-top there are many possible variables and specific loadcases that need to be considered. To assist in the design process, two Reves DSE tools are created in which the design space of the table-tops are explored, while leaving all contraints open to decide by the customer. This allows them to play around with the design of their specific case and instantly see the impact on the deformation and fiber stresses.

The two tools are for two support options: supported all around (1) or over two or more evenly spaced supports (2). Both requiring different methods for panel flexion calculation.

Building a collection of knowledge rules

The deflection and stresses of the first support type is not completely described by analytical relations. Instead, interpolation tables are used to find solutions for every combination of panel dimensions and loads. Up to 1000 finite-element simulations are performed to fill these tables. To perform this DoE efficiently, the input is selected following the Buckingham Pi method: finding the fewest independent dimensionless groups that still describe the system completely.

For the second support type well-known beam equations are used to find the deflection and stresses at all interesting locations. Here, the first step is to calculate the moments at all the points of support, using the three moments method. The second step is to find the deflection and stresses. The load at a single section is a substitution of three load cases: a point load, distributed load and applied end moments. The total maximum stress and deflection is found by substitution of the values of each load case.

After modelling: design space exploration

After collecting the knowledge in Reves DSE, Trespa customers can use it to navigate the design space of their panel. A unique feature of Reves DSE is that the knowledge is documented in a readable format, which is the same knowledge that is used to explore the design space. There can be no descrepancy between the documentation and the tooling.  With the Monte Carlo approach many solutions are found within the bounds set by the customer. The resulting trends and collections guide them in their panel design and decision process. This assures that the best solution to their needs will be found.


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