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Knowledge Based Decision Support software

Knowledge Based Decision Support software

Model and optimize (clusters of) processes or processing plants

Diamond allows you to model and optimize (clusters of) processes or processing plants, by performing steady state mass balance calculations. The centralized storage of data and knowledge models makes performing calculations accessible and understandable.

One model, many answers

Diamond requires no programming, just drag in the models (unit operations) that you or your experts created. Explicit versioning on all knowledge and data makes it always clear what data and models were used. All results are displayed with relevant visualizations, making life so much easier when communicating them to management or customers.

Model. Optimize. Decide.

Perform steady state mass balance calculations

Mass balance flowchart modelling

  • Process a vector of components and properties
  • Use advanced calculation options (Monte-Carlo, Latin hypercube, Nelder-Mead)
  • Parametric models (change, sample, optimize)


  • Full details on all unit operations
  • Sankey diagrams of flow on network level and unit operation level
  • Capacity usage indication
  • Sustainability

Get better results, faster

  • Central storage of knowledge (operations, materials, product specs, utilities)
  • Versioning and release management (traceable results, controlled release)
  • Knowledge access governance (control who can see and edit knowledge)

Easy flowsheeting

Diamond supports building large and complex flowsheets with a nested structure. Just drag'n drop unit operations and connect them to start calculating and making better decisions.

  • Drag'n drop unit operations
  • Create a nested network structure  
  • Model feedback loops

Security and governance

Diamond will contain company IP and should be secure. Perhaps not everyone should have access to all unit operations or to all projects. Diamond allows full control over all data.

  • No access without explicit rights    
  • Manage rights per user or per group  
  • Control access to virtually everything

Modelling capabilities

Diamond  has strong modelling capabilities to manage large models and to reduce modelling and/or calculation times.

  • Define sensors to read values anywhere in the flow
  • Use globals parameters to drive model parameters
  • Project specific raws, products, virtual operations, …

Project repository

Diamond allows users to save their work in a managed company repository. Projects can be shared with colleagues that have access to Diamond.

  • Projects stored on a company server  
  • Control who can view or edit a project
  • Changes are automatically merged  
  • Merge conflicts can be merges manually

Central datastore

The core of Diamond is the company specific central datastore that contains the data on which all projects are based. It contains company knowledge and is fully maintained by company employees.

  • Fully managed and governed    
  • Contains definitions of flow components and properties
  • And also of unit operations, raws, products, finance, utililities, sustainability, …

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