Reves DSE Design Space Exploration Software

Reves DSE Design Space Exploration Software

Look beyond the boundaries of your current knowledge

The best solution for your engineering problem may lie just beyond the boundaries of your current knowledge. With our Design Space Exploration software (Reves DSE) you can explore the potential of new solution directions.

One system for the documentation and application of knowledge

Reves DSE is a knowledge bank and an application engine in one. It allows you to document and update your knowledge – while at the same time applying that knowledge for research and development purposes. You can easily add and integrate readable knowledge rules, and apply them dynamically in different problem-solving strategies.

Build. Explore. Optimize.

Explore the full potential of design space

Get better results, faster

Reves DSE automates the process of design space exploration. It will help you find better solutions, faster.

Build on your knowledge

Write down your knowledge rules, define your engineering problem and ask Reves DSE to come up with multiple solutions.

Explore multiple solutions

Set design parameters to narrow down specific solutions. Changing the parameter settings will deepen your insights into the relationships between design parameters and product performance.

One model, many scenarios

Reves DSE will find the best solutions in a huge amount of parameter combinations. Trying to do this manually, as many engineers do, is time consuming and leads to sub-optimal solutions. Reves DSE makes sure that no better solutions are overlooked.

Modular knowledge models

Create structured models, using modules that can be nested. These modules can be connected to indicate parameter links. This allows for creating larger, yet still maintainable models.

  • Create modules to structure models
  • Nest modules to create hierarchy
  • Connect modules to indicate parameter links

Visual modelling approach

Each module is a canvas with readable knowledge. Documentation can be written directly next to the knowledge, to support understanding and maintenance.

  • Graphical representation of expressions
  • Documentation side by side with the knowledge
  • Easier communication with managment or customers

Multiple views

Views define specific input and output parameters for a knowledge model. Create as many as you like to get the exact answers you need.

  • Define input and output parameters
  • Add graphs based on the calculated results
  • Style views with images and texts

Model protection

Knowledge models contain valuable IP. Reves DSE can protect knowledge models to ensure that sensitive data is shielded from unwanted access.

  • Allow access by email address (with wildcards)
  • Control access to view or edit modes
  • Control access to the use of views

Parametric knowledge models

Reves DSE supports multiple types of knowledge to define parametric models. The knowledge model does not require a distinction between input and output.

  • Use math expressions with the auto-complete math editor
  • Use IF-statements, FOR-loops, table data, interpolation data and more

Design Space Exploration

Design Space is spanned by many parameters. Understanding design space demands excellent visualisations and various intersections throughout design space. Reves provides for all of this.

  • Visualize design space by multigrid intersections
  • Optimize your solution set by extracting matching solutions
  • Test robustness of your design


Download a free trial version of Reves DSE to experience the full benefits of design space exploration for a period of 90 days.

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