Our innovation specialists have backgrounds in mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and acoustics.

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Working from a wide variety of disciplines

Our innovation specialists have backgrounds in mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and acoustics. With our combined expertise and over 20 years of experience in tackling innovation challenges, we’ll deliver the solutions you’re looking for.

power of (multi-) physics modelling.
What we believe in

Before trial and error, let’s do the physics first

We are firm believers in the creative power of multiphysics modelling. There is no better way to solve an engineering problem than by truly understanding the physics behind it. Our team of highly qualified engineers in mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and acoustics will help you do just that.

Our approach

Let’s avoid unnecessary complications

Engineering problems may be complicated, but their solutions shouldn’t be any more complicated than necessary. The best solution for any innovation problem is the simplest one still addressing the complexity of the problem. In plain English: the simpler the better.

What it yields

Better decisions, in earlier stages of any innovation process

The most important deliverable of our physics-based approach is true insight in and control over the entire innovation or product development process. This will help you make better decisions, in earlier stages of the project.

How we work


We take a critical look at the engineering challenge, define the functional performance you’re looking for and assess the relevant multiphysics to do the job, without making things anymore complicated than necessary. We’re not doing fundamental research, we’re solving a real-world problem as efficiently as possible.

How we work


We model your product or process, using analytical and numerical modelling.

How we work

Simulation & Validation

We validate the model’s capacity for prediction, and then use the model to simulate performance.

How we work

Understanding & Creation

We build a thorough understanding of the relationships between design parameters and product performance – and capture that understanding in knowledge rules. With these in mind, we optimize the design parameters of the model to achieve the desired product performance.

How we work


We come up with the tools you need to solve your engineering problem. Deliverables vary from a feasible product design, a conceptual model, a feasibility study or FMU, to a digital twin or a tailored software solution.

Applications in product and process innovation

Product innovation

The benefits of our multiphysics approach and Reves DSE are especially relevant for developing highly complex physical products and systems with interactions of mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics or acoustics. We operate in a wide variety of branches such as food, medical, automotive, (consumer) electronics, aerospace, manufacturing and high tech industry.

Process innovation

In any process there is a relation between the process parameters and the product properties. Using our physics-based modelling approach and Reves DSE, we gain a better understanding of the relationship, offering you the tools to innovate and optimize the process. For example to increase yield, reduce footprints, reduce energy usage, build a tighter process control or make maintenance more predictive.

Let’s get started

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