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What is virtual testing

Virtual testing is a process in which your product is tested on various characteristics, such as drop resistance, failure behaviour or deformations. Numerical models are used to verify the performance of the product.


Virtual Testing?


Virtual testing saves time and money. Virtual testing reduces your time-to-market and eliminates the need to adjust design parameters in a late stage of development. This avoids unnecessary costs and frustration.


Reden builds a virtual model of your product. Most of the tests you perform on your physical product can be performed by us on the virtual product. As a result, you need fewer prototypes and less testing. If the virtual model does not meet the desired performance, we adjust the parameters until the product has the desired properties.


Reden uses advanced software in the field of modelling and simulation, including Abaqus, Comsol, SolidWorks and others. All our employees have one or more university degrees. You can be sure that your project is in good hands.

En dan?

When Reden has modelled and simulated your product, we modify the design parameters where necessary in such a way that the desired performance of the product is achieved. Together with you, we look at the results, possible solutions and the further steps in the design process.


Who are we, and what do we do?

Reden (Research Development Netherlands) can assist you with virtual product testing. We excel in the development of complex, physical products and systems, which must meet stringent requirements. We model these products and systems, and simulate various extreme conditions to check if they achieve the desired performance and, if not, to find modifications which improve the products and systems so that they do.

We are a motivated, innovative and creative consulting engineering firm. Our years of experience and our academic staff ensure that you get reliable and practical results which support the further development of your product.

We work from a multi-physics approach, usually with a mechanics/dynamics component. Combination of mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, electronics, acoustics or other types of physics requires a combination of various virtual models with different characteristics, which we can model and simulate.

Our simulation-driven product development finds its application in many different sectors, including automotive, (consumer) electronics, aerospace and mechanical engineering.


MrReves (an acronym of Reden Virtual Expert System) is our virtual version of the employee in your company whom you rely on as a source of knowledge of the product because of his or her long experience. He or she is the technical conscience of your business, the person who still knows why a particular was once chosen. Do you have someone like that?

MrReves will be your virtual employee who keeps all available knowledge about your product, in an easy-to-access, instantly usable form. MrReves can be consulted by both the technical and the commercial department. MrReves combines his unique abilities in a software package developed by Reden, which is intended to be used in your normal business process.