Reden is your partner for virtual testing of your products

About Reden B.V. Reden: motivated, innovative, creative

Reden (Research Development Netherlands) can assist with the virtual product testing. We excel in the development of complex, physical products and systems, which must meet stringent requirements. We model these products and systems, and simulate various extreme conditions to check if they achieve the desired performance and, if not, to find modifications which improve the products and systems so that they do.

We are a motivated, innovative and creative consulting engineering firm. Our years of experience and our academic staff ensure that get reliable and practical results which support the further development of your product. We work from a multi-physics approach, usually with a mechanics/dynamics component. Combination of mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamic, electronics, acoustics or other types of physics requires a combination of various virtual models with different characteristics, which we can model and simulate.

Our simulation-driven product development finds its application in many different sectors, including automotive, (consumer) electronics, aerospace and mechanical engineering.

Mission and Vision

We support our clients in achieving breakthroughs in product development. We co-operate with our clients to turn their product development process into a lasting competitive asset. We offer product developers insight into fast and efficient methods to make reliable products. The insight is based on validated simulation models of products or production. insight into the fast, simple and reliable realization of manufacturable product designs. We make the functioning of products predictable.

Our People

Employees of Reden have a background in Mechanical Engineering (Applied Mechanics) and hold MSc or PhD degrees.

Our Network

Reden is part of the TechnoDome Group and of a group of High Tech companies centred around Hengelo. We are active in several cooperation projects such as the European 5th Framework Programmes, and PIDON.

There is also frequent collaboration with the University of Twente, Enschede.